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Private Mediation For Effective Long-Lasting Solutions

There are often instances during a legal matter where using the services of a neutral third party can be a critical element in moving both parties toward a globally effective, and acceptable, solution. Mediation allows parties, both represented and pro se, to take control of the outcome of their case. It allows for far more breadth in crafting solutions, and is often the most creative and effective means for resolving cases.

Mediation can also mean that matters are resolved on a more preferable timeline. It can be frustrating to wait for courts to schedule hearings and make determinations as to outcomes. With mediation, the parties are able to control the timeline and work to negotiate their desired outcome in a private setting that is respectful of both parties.

Attorney Kelleigh Gleason is a trained mediator with experience mediating both family law and civil law matters, and the ability to find out-of-the-box solutions to assist parties in reaching resolutions.

You Have Options

At Gleason Legal PLLC, Attorney Gleason offers mediation services in person, telephonically and by ZOOM. ZOOM mediations are just as effective as in-person mediations, and allow for the same advantages of placing individuals in private rooms (virtually) with their counsel so that they can speak freely while the mediator moves back and forth between rooms.

Discover The Advantages Of Mediation For Your Dispute

Mediation can be an effective method of resolving your dispute privately and in a timely manner. Find out if mediation is right for your legal issue. Call Gleason Legal PLLC in Manchester at 603-819-5187 or send an email to initiate a consultation or to schedule mediation for your dispute.